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  • Bodybuilding

    Every month
    Authentic Bodybuilding Program
    • 6 days per week program
    • Designed for athletes with gym access
  • Authentic Weightlifting

    Every month
    • Weekly program (emailed directly to you)
    • Unlimited team Zoom sessions
    • Private team Facebook page
    • Detailed screenshot coaching and analysis
    • Let's have fun and slam bars!
  • Swoly Gainz

    Every month
    Supplemental bodybuilding program for added gains
    • 3 days per week program
    • Designed to be added onto other programs
    • Can be completed with weightlifting / garage gym equipment


Below you will find a list of resources we recommend for our team

Lean Mean Green nutrition services
Nutritionist, Caitlin Green

Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 9.16.30 AM.png

Virus Intl. Training Apparel
Use code NORTH for 10% off all orders

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