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We are now offering online coaching with limited spots open. You will receive our team programming as a bonus, but you do not have to be on our program to get coached. Join from any program.

If our availability is full, please email us with a request to join our waitlist, and coaching spots will be honored in a first come, first serve basis. 



Online coaching subscription, billed $75 per month auto-renewal.



When you register, you will be given access to our new private Facebook page, only for active coaching subscription members. All coaching will be conducted through the private Facebook page. You must have an active Facebook page to receive coaching.


Guidelines for posting on the private Facebook page:

Posts will be limited to 1 video per exercise, per day. For example, if your training day consists of snatch, clean & jerk and squats - You may post 1 snatch video, 1 clean & jerk video, and 1 squat video of your choosing (miss or make, any percentage) to receive coaching. Or, you may post another relevant question to your training to receive feedback instead of posting videos for the training day.

These limits are to ensure that everyone receives detailed coaching and feedback, and everyone is receiving equal time and attention to their needs.


What to expect:

Jon North will coach 3 set days per week (tentatively every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday), by watching, responding and coaching athlete videos/questions that have been posted in the previous 1-2 training days. You can expect to receive coaching/feedback on every post you make, as long as you adhere to the posting guidelines above. 


Changes or cancellations:

If you wish to make changes or cancel your subscription, please cancel using the profile you created when you registered, or inform us by emailing at least 1 week prior to your next billing date. We will not refund any charges once they have been billed. You may request cancellation of future billing at any time.