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Jon North


Founded by Jon North and Jessica North in 2011, The Attitude Nation Barbell Club (formerly Jon North Attitude), began with the printing of a single t-shirt that said, "What is a light day?".

We wanted to create a company that promoted the sport while paying tribute to Jon North's ever-growing attitude, philosophy, and approach to weightlifting. 

Other than God and family, our next greatest passion in life is weightlifting. We want to share our decade-plus of experience in coaching, programing, and competing in weightlifting with you! We believe it is never too early or too late to learn and Do Weightlifting

Coach Jon North is a USAW Level I Coach. He is a four-time USA team member, National champion, American open champion, and Arnold Sport's Festival champion. He has competed, coached, and conducted seminars for weightlifting since 2007. With over 1,000 athletes in his coaching experience, a wide background of working with various teams and coaches across the USA, and a championship resume, he is excited to offer you his knowledge and coaching.

Attitude Nation Barbell Club is a community like no other. With us, you are a part of something personal that extends beyond the platform. Coach Jon puts his all into his team as whole people with lives, families and more. If you are looking for that kind of community, join us and see what it's about.

Options to join our team, sign up for a program only, or to book online services are below.

Subscription Options

Program ONLY option: For athletes just in need of a program. This option does NOT have coaching or access to our team.

Barbell Club Plan option: This option means you are joining our team. You may register as an Attitude Nation Barbell Club member with USA Weightlifting, and can list Coach Jon as your coach.

  • Program Plan

    Every month
    For athletes in need of a week-to-week program only
    • Same team program as our Barbell club
    • Daily/weekly emails with program, including video tips
    • Focus on strengthening snatch, clean & jerk, squat
    • Free taper for competitions (upon request)
  • Best Value

    Barbell Club Plan

    Every month
    For athletes that want coaching, programing & a team
    • Join USAW Attitude Nation Barbell Club
    • Online coaching through exclusive team Facebook page
    • Team program sent daily/weekly
    • Phone call access with Coach Jon
    • Technique & Position coaching with detailed screenshots
    • Competition taper, guidance & advice
    • National meet coaching
    • Invited to daily team Zoom sessions for live training
    • Motivation for reaching your goals
    • Genuine online team community
    • Focus on strengthening your snatch, clean & jerk, squat
    • Invited to team camps and other bonuses


Members and non-Members of our barbell club can book one-on-one training sessions that are coached through Zoom. Rates are below.

Please contact us for any questions.

Pending Jon's availability, we will contact you if we need to reschedule any sessions that you booked once we receive your request. This does not happen often, but may be the case. We apologize in advance if we ever have to reschedule your session.