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Black Sheep
5 days/wk

team member benefits



Team DO offer 3 programs: Robots, Black Sheep and Masters. Each of these programs is powered through the Train Heroic App, available on computer, smart phone or tablet. The Train Heroic app allows you to have instant access to your Team DO program the moment you sign up. You can electronically keep track of your personal records, ranking within the team leaderboard, notes, feedback for each session and more, all within your profile. The Train Heroic app also comes with recurring billing, so payment each month is worry free. Train Heroic also comes with free


facebook page

We offer every Team DO athlete access to our private team Facebook page. It is a place where members can post videos, questions, feedback, and engage with other members. It is a positive place for everyone to interact regardless of where they are in the world. Although Team DO is online based, there is no reason we cannot connect, motivate and encourage each other to stay on track with achieving our goals. Join today, and get access to one of the biggest features of Team DO, and find the accountability, friendships, teammates, and motivation you have been missing in your training.

Unlimited interactions

Our Team DO athletes have access to unlimited posts and interactions with each other through our team Facebook page. Some members use our team Facebook page as a log and training journal. Whether you post a single question or your whole hour training video, we welcome and encourage you to use our team Facebook page to your benefit and start creating great and motivating interactions with teammates today! Coaching through our team Facebook page is a bonus. Coaches enjoy getting on the Team Facebook page and interacting with members, giving feedback, answering questions and posting video analysis. 


We highly suggest our team members compete often. Team DO runs programs and short cycles week-by-week based on what we see our athletes need most in their training, so the hard training never stops in the regular programming. To help our athletes prepare to compete, we offer a free 2-week taper. Anytime you are ready to compete, perform our taper starting two weeks out from your meet, and you will be peaked to compete!

for me?  

Are you looking to join an online weightlifting team, that really feels like a team?

Are you wanting programming that is authentic to the sport of weightlifting?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then yes, Team DO is for you.

We offer weightlifting programs designed for beginning to advanced athletes. Our most advanced program is called Robots because it turns you into a weightlifting machine. It is 6 days per week. We also offer Black Sheep which is 5 days per week, and our most popular program. Lastly, we offer a 4 day per week program called Masters.

 Our programs are time-tested and proven to produce results with more than 1,000+ athletes in our decade of experience programming, coaching and training.

Get started today!

Should I join the TEAM 
facebook page?

Yes! Although it is not a requirement of Team DO, our team Facebook page is one of the biggest assets to joining our team. It is an encouraging and motivating place to post your questions, PR's, goals, training footage, interact with coaches and teammates, and so much more. It is a one stop place for everyone to interact regardless of where they are in the world. 

Although we may be online, we really are a TEAM. Accountability and sticking to the program is key for any team, and having other people to go along the journey to success with you helps build relationships, dedication, partnerships and motivation to stick with it even when you are tired, sore or don't feel like getting into the gym one day. Whether you are looking to learn from the coach's posts, or want to study and watch how your teammates train, our team page offers it all.

What if I also do crossfit?

Team DO is an authentic weightlifting team. It is not necessarily designed for athletes that also compete or have goals in other sports. However, we do offer our Masters program which is only 4 days per week. This is a great option if you are looking for strength and technique gains in weightlifting, while also filling your week with

other training such as CrossFit or another sport. If you are looking for less of a commitment than Team DO,

another option is our 

Do Weightlifting 12 week program cycle.  It comes with a 6, 5, or 4 training days per week option. That is 3 programs for the price of 1. The 4 day per week program is pre-scaled to push athletes to success in a shorter time frame, while leaving 3 days per week open for another sport, such as CrossFit.

If you want to explore our Do Weightlifting options, just navigate to that page using the above menu.

What do I need to start?
  • Weightlifting barbell (20kg for men, 15kg for women)

  • Bumper plates of any kind (kilogram or pounds)

  • Change plates of any kind (kilogram or pounds)

  • Squat rack

  • Light to medium weight dumbbells or kettlebells

  • Weightlifting shoes

  • Straps

  • Safe space to train with room and ceiling height to perform all the movements and safely drop weights

  • A form of low, medium and high blocks

  • Safe material to perform deficit lifts such as a small piece of plywood or flat plates

  • Occasional place to perform pull ups and back extensions, or a substitute for those movements

  • Access to a computer, smart phone or tablet access the Train Heroic app, as well as access the team facebook page