Hands-on, authentic weightlifting seminar for athletes that want to improve their snatch and clean & jerk. 

The seminar is taught by USA Level I Coach and former Team USA Weightlifting National Champion, Jon North. 

The day will consist of: technique drills with the barbell, step-by-step position work, working up to maximum to apply what you have learned, video analysis, tips & tricks, and lots more. 

The day will start with an introduction speech by Coach Jon. Then the group will go right into working on the snatch, which will take half the day. Mid-day the group will break 1-hour for lunch. Food is not provided, so bring your own or be prepared to go out to eat. Tip: Snacks and drinks are great to bring to keep you fueled throughout the seminar as well! After lunch, the group will regather for video analysis, demonstrations by Jon North (pending he is able to lift at the time), and then the group will tackle the clean & jerk, ending with a group max out session!

Come prepared with all of your usual weightlifting gear, and be prepared to work hard while learning, lifting and having fun! 

If you have questions about one of our seminars, just email us at info@doweightlifting.com. Thank you!

Keep Pulling Seminar Ticket - Tampa, FL - September 12, 2020

  • 1703 N 24th St. Tampa, FL 33605

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