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3 Programs for the price of 1

We understand that every athlete's schedule and goals are different. Our 3-in-1 programs come with the option of training 6 days per week, 5 days per week, or 4 days per week, all included in each cycle of training. If your goal is to compete in weightlifting and make it to the big stage, train 6 days per week. If your goal is to excel in weightlifting and you can make it to the gym most days, train 5 days per week. If your goal is to improve your weightlifting while having time for other goals as well, train 4 days per week. Join today and we will provide you with exactly what you need to be successful based on how many days per week you can train.




Our 12 week program cycle comes with instructional technique videos for almost every weightlifting movement in the program. We strongly believe that while there is no wrong way to weight lift, there are certainly more efficient, safe and strong ways to weight lift. This feature makes our 12 week program cycle open to all skill levels. Whether you are just getting started on learning the lifts, or are an advanced athlete in weightlifting, our technique videos are for you. Join today and get a full library of technique videos to help propel you to success. 


facebook page

We offer every Do Weightlifting member access to our private community Facebook page. It is a place where members can post videos, questions, feedback, and engage with other members. It is a positive place for everyone to interact regardless of where they are in the world. Although Do Weightlifting is online based, there is no reason we cannot connect, motivate and encourage each other to stay on track with achieving our goals. Join today, and get access to one of the biggest features of Do Weightlifting, and find the accountability, friendships, teammates, and motivation you have been missing in your training.

Is Do Weightlifting for me?  

Do you want to learn how to do weightlifting? Do you already do weightlifting? Would you call yourself a beginner, advanced or even competitive weightlifter? Are you looking to improve your weightlifting while also doing another sport such as CrossFit, football or strength and conditioning?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions - then yes, our programs are for you.

Our programs are scalable from 6, to 5, to 4 days per week. That's 3 programs for the price of one, allowing our programs to fit your schedule and your goals. Our 12 week program cycle also comes with a full library of instructional technique videos, a benefit that can help any athlete whether just getting started, or in need of fine tuning and help with improving established technique. Our programs are time-tested and proven to produce results with more than 1,000+ athletes in our decade of experience programming, coaching and training. Get started today!

Should I join the community 
facebook page?

Yes! Although it is not a requirement of Do Weightlifting, our community Facebook page is one of the biggest assets to joining our programs. 

On the community Facebook page, you will find other athletes that are training to reach their goals just like you. It is an encouraging and motivating place to post your questions, PR's, goals, training footage and so much more. 

Accountability and sticking to the program is key for any model in health and fitness. Having other people to go along the journey to success with you helps build relationships, dedication, partnerships and motivation to stick with it even when you are tired, sore or don't feel like getting into the gym one day. 

Our community Facebook page is just that. A community. Get started today and join one of the biggest online weightlifting communities out there and make friends and teammates that will help you reach your goals!

What if I also do crossfit?

Do Weightlifting is perfect for you. All of our program cycles come with a 6, 5, or 4 training days per week option. That is 3 programs for the price of 1. Whether you train another sport, or are just looking to perform Do Weightlifting programs to improve your weightlifting skills and strength part-time, then our 4 day per week program is designed for you. The 4 day per week program is pre-scaled to push athletes to success in a shorter time frame, while leaving 3 days per week open for another sport, life or just extra recovery.

Another huge bonus is if your schedule ever changes, there are no added costs to upgrade to 5 or 6 days per week. Get started today, and you will receive all 3 programs for the price of 1, giving you the freedom to train 6, 5, or 4 days per week, and have your program at your fingertips. 

What do I need to start?
  • Weightlifting barbell (20kg for men, 15kg for women)

  • Bumper plates of any kind (kilogram or pounds)

  • Change plates of any kind (kilogram or pounds)

  • Squat rack

  • Light to medium weight dumbbell or kettlebell

  • Weightlifting shoes highly recommended

  • Safe space to train with room and ceiling height to perform all the movements and safely drop weights

  • A form of low, medium and high blocks to lift off of for a couple weeks within our 12 week program cycle (These can be actual lifting blocks, stacked weights, foam blocks, etc.)

  • Occasional place to perform pull ups and back extensions, or a substitute for those movements

  • Access to a printer to print out your 12 week program cycle as well as other resources

  • Access to a phone or computer to watch our full library of technique videos, as well as access the team facebook page


I’ve been following this program for a little over 3 years now. When I first started my best lifts were 110/135. Now they’re 143/170! I train 6 days a week. Jon and Jess are not only great coaches but also great people! They truly care about your goals, not just in the sport of weightlifting but also in life. In my opinion, the biggest thing I’ve gained from being on this program is learning how to approach training on a day to day basis. The philosophy that Jon and Jess preach will lead you to winning meets and crushing PRs more than anything in my opinion. All in all, I can’t recommend this program enough!

Ben S. / 27 / ME


Community Facebook page to help you stay motivated and encouraged in your training. Produces more disciplined training, accountability, and a more positive outlook when training is tough. This equals better results. Get started today and join one of the biggest online weightlifting communities out there and make friends and teammates that will help you reach your goals!

Program cycles can be repeated. They are not a one-time run through and done. Each time you peak at the end of a cycle, you will have PR'd in numerous ways. Next time you run the cycle, your minimums, 

technique, and relationship with the barbell will be improved, therefore, your next cycle through a program will still reap benefits and higher weights lifted. 

Full library of instructional technique videos come with our 12 week program cycle, ready for you to watch, learn and implement in your training. Plus, targeted weakness cycles are going to be launched on a frequent basis to keep you on track with improving your technique and preventing plateaus in your goals. 

A free taper is embedded into our 12 week program cycle to peak you for competition. Ideally you want to start the 12 week program cycle, 12 weeks out from a competition or mock meet. However, if you start training less than 12 weeks out, no problem. Just start the cycle how far out you are from your competition to be sure to peak properly. Then, start the cycle from the beginning after your meet for a fresh 12 weeks of training.