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Founded by Jon North and Jessica North, The Attitude Nation Barbell Club formerly Jon North Attitude, began with the printing of a single

t-shirt that said, "What is a light day?".

We wanted to create a company that promoted the sport while paying tribute to Jon North's ever-growing attitude, philosophy, and approach to weightlifting. 

Other than God and family, our next greatest passion in life is weightlifting. We want to share our decade-plus of experience in coaching, programming, and competing in weightlifting with you! We believe it is never too early or too late to learn and Do Weightlifting. 

Coach Jon North is a USAW Level I Coach. He is a four-time USA team member, National champion, American open champion, and Arnold Sport's Festival champion. He has competed, coached, and conducted seminars for weightlifting since 2007. With over 1,000 athletes in his coaching experience, a wide background of working with various teams and coaches across the USA, and a championship resume, he is excited to offer you his knowledge and coaching.

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We believe that there is no wrong way to perform the sport of Weightlifting. The sport is taking the bar from the floor to overhead lockout in one and two motions in the snatch and clean and jerk respectively. We are understanding that there are multiple styles and philosophies of how to perform Weightlifting that has been proven successful. With over a decade of experiences and influences under various programs, coaches, techniques, and athletes, we have developed our own style of both teaching and performing Weightlifting. 


The technique in every inch of the snatch and clean and jerk will be at the forefront of our services in how it is both coached and performed.  We stress quality over quantity, and the mastering of technique and skill is our highest goal for each individual.


"Every kilo counts" & "Every pound counts" is the strength philosophy of our services. Once the technique has been established and proven consistent under moderate resistance, the goal during our programming and seminars will be to get PR's and get better at all aspects, movements, and mental challenges of Weightlifting, but the main focus will always be to improve the full snatch and clean and jerk.


Whether an athlete signs up for a seminar, joins our barbell club, or follows our week-to-week program to improve skill, gain strength, or to train for a National competition, the coaching and services are designed to allow every single athlete to reach their goals. 


We encourage all athletes to reach new skill levels, set new challenges, achieve PR's, and compete in Weightlifting meets - regardless of skill level. It is never too early to learn and do weightlifting. 

Love your life - or - change it!

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"I’ve been following this program for a little over 3 years now. When I first started my best lifts were 110/135. Now they’re 143/170! I train 6 days a week. Jon and Jess are not only great coaches but also great people! They truly care about your goals, not just in the sport of weightlifting but also in life. In my opinion, the biggest thing I’ve gained from being on this program is learning how to approach training on a day to day basis. The philosophy that Jon and Jess preach will lead you to winning meets and crushing PRs more than anything in my opinion. All in all, I can’t recommend this program enough!"

- BEN 

"This program has taught me to push through the hard days, build consistency in the lifts, and above all, develop my mind as an athlete to always DO more."


"I have been following this program for about a year and I train 6 days a week. When I started my lifts were 52/69, and currently they are 72/84! A few things I love about this program is that you stick close to the lifts and are frequently training at higher percentages and testing your maximums. Jon and Jessica have so much knowledge and advice to offer and have been such a big part of helping me improve my lifts over the last year."




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