5-Week Squat Cycle

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5 Week Squat Cycle - Start Today! ​ WHAT YOU GET 5 Weeks of proven, effective squat programs ready to access in your profile so you can start training today 6 days of programming - Feel free to scale it down if needed Also with this program purchase you get everything listed below sent to your email: A percentage chart to easily stay on track with training without a calculator. For example, if you need to know 83% of your personal record, you can easily find it on our sheet without doing the math. A kilo to pounds conversion sheet, so you can quickly translate your weights anywhere you train. ​ Please Note: Our 5 week squat cycle is NOT meant to stand alone as a sole weightlifting program. It is designed to be added on top of an existing weightlifting program such as our 12-week program cycle. Simply sub out the prescribed squats for this squat cycle for 5 weeks, and be ready to get stronger! WHAT YOU NEED Weightlifting barbell (20kg for men, 15kg for women) Bumper plates of any kind (kilogram or pounds) Change plates of any kind (kilogram or pounds) Squat rack Weightlifting shoes highly recommended Safe space to train with room and ceiling height to perform all the movements and safely drop weights Access to a phone or computer to access your 5 week squat cycle as well as other resources Determination & discipline

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