12-Week Full Program Cycle

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12 Week Program Cycle - Start Today! ​ WHAT YOU GET ​12 Weeks of proven, effective weightlifting programs delivered right to your email, ready to download or print out so you can start training today 6 days of training programmed - Feel free to scale it down if needed ​A full library of technique videos sent to your email for every complex weightlifting movement programmed, making our program cycle perfect for any skill level. Whether you are just learning the lifts or an advanced weightlifter, you can learn from our technique videos. WHAT YOU NEED Weightlifting barbell (20kg for men, 15kg for women) Bumper plates of any kind (kilogram or pounds) Change plates of any kind (kilogram or pounds) Squat rack Light to medium weight dumbbell or kettlebell Weightlifting shoes highly recommended Safe space to train with room and ceiling height to perform all the movements and safely drop weights A form of low, medium and high blocks to lift off of for a couple weeks within our 12 week program cycle (These can be actual lifting blocks, stacked weights, foam blocks, etc.) Occasional place to perform pull ups and back extensions, or a substitute for those movements Access to a phone or computer to watch our full library of technique videos, as well as access the program Determination and discipline to stick to the program even when it gets tough

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