4-Week Hang Cycle

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4 Week Hang Cycle - Start Today! ​ WHAT YOU GET: ​4 Weeks of proven, effective programs specialized for hang movements ready to acess through your profile so you can start training today ​6 days of training programmed - Feel free to scale it down if needed Also with this program purchase you get everything listed below sent to your email: ​A percentage chart to easily stay on track with training without a calculator. For example, if you need to know 83% of your personal record, you can easily find it on our sheet without doing the math. ​A kilo to pounds conversion sheet, so you can quickly translate your weights anywhere you train. ​ Please Note: Our 4 week Hang Cycle is not designed to peak you for competition at the end of the fourth week. It is meant to be performed in the midst of hard training to gain strength, technique improvements, and a bar/body relationship specifically involving hang and complex movements. 

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